Benefitting BeneTerra’s water treatment business.

BeneTerra is an Australian company specialising in the treatment of industrial wastewater. The company’s world-leading technologies and with Powered’s help they will.

BeneTerra reaches new levels of sales performance in the Australian resources market


The Queensland coal seam gas (CSG) industry is fuelling the world with new energy but breaking new ground also increases pressure on the environment, particularly farmland. Thousands of wells not only extract megajoules of methane from the coal beds but large volumes of brackish groundwater as well. This “produced” water is treated for beneficial use while the brine waste is contained in dams where it is evaporated.

For CSG operators, it was a case of damn those dams upon expiration. Rehabilitating the land to its original condition was painstaking and a pain in the proverbial not to mention a cash ache. That was, until Powered turned up. As “innovation investigators”, we’re turned on by opportunities to enhance the Australian energy industry. In 2015, we identified Brisbane-based land and water scientists BeneTerra as just the right people for the job. Old problem meet new science.

BeneTerra returns disused dam sites to a non-erosive state, matching the original soil profile and re-establishing pre-existing drainage patterns. Soil analysis and treatment is all done in-situ using proven technologies, reducing truck movements significantly and producing sustainable results that don’t require expensive remedial revisits. That’s Powered’s kind of people.


With BeneTerra on board, Powered’s first pitch stop was a CSG major with a dam rehab job on the cards that was off the charts budget-wise. We know these things because we’re in tune with the industry and listen with our ears, brain and heart.

Better results for a fraction of the original estimate had the company scrambling for their order book before we left the room. They know a bargain when they see one. Plus they trust Powered and believed in our proposal. We’ve been around awhile.


It’s been a Disney story. Since we plugged BeneTerra into the CSG dam rehab business, the company hasn’t looked back. The job was a massive success for the client and BeneTerra, which is now recognised as the goto company for land rehabilitation. Powered has helped them get onto a small panel of companies that is helping to bring a long list of legacy sites back to life for established majors as well as emerging energy players. Potential is for at least $5 million worth of work over the next year and that’s just the jobs we know about. It’s a beautiful thing when your client’s new thinking becomes accepted practice. That’s Powered’s kind of transaction.

We’re not stopping there. While there’s still a lot of ground to cover within the local energy landscape alone, we’ve also got grand plans for BeneTerra’s unique water evaporation technologies which promise to transform the global landfill industry. Watch this space.

  • “We have been working with Powered for a few years now. They have introduced us to many organisations and have successfully brought in many opportunities. Our relationship is very rewarding, it’s one we value.”

    Tony Stapleton Chief Executive Officer, BeneTerra