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Partners, Customers and Powered integrate and form a cohesive and cooperative community known as the Powered Community.

The Powered Community believes in giving back. At the beginning of the year the Powered Community will choose a charitable cause that we will rally around throughout the year. At the end of the year the Powered Community will make a donation to the charity using monies raised at events throughout the year.

Hope & Care for Little SoulsPowered Aus - HCLSPowered Aus - HCLSPowered Aus - HCLS

Hope and Care for Little Souls (HCLS)

is bringing hope to at-risk and parentless children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The children in this area continue to be devastated by conflict, disease, and limited access to even the most basic education and healthcare.

HCLS is a project of Australia HOPE International, an amazing volunteer run organisation bringing hope to the children of central Africa.

HCLS is filling the gaps for parentless and at-risk children in and around the town of Bunia in the Ituri region of north-eastern Congo through the provision of high quality education, a fostering program, and emergency medical care.

AHI projects rely entirely on the generosity of individuals, churches and organisations. It is run by volunteers in partnership with wonderfully dedicated African partners in DR Congo and Uganda. 97% of all donations and sponsorship is used in Africa in AHI partner projects, with only 3% used for administration in Australia. Donations to AHI development projects are fully tax deductible in Australia.

To get more information on HCLS and other AHI projects, or to consider child sponsorship or a one-off financial contribution please get in touch at:

www.hclscongo.org www.ahi.org.au