[What we Look for]

We look for partners who have innovative or disruptive technologies or process which can help drive down the cost of energy production and ultimately add value to our customers. We look for partners who are able help us keep our promise and execute on our mission while delivering world class products and services in the energy services industry.

[Network Synergy]

We take the time to understand our customers and their needs and choose to promote products and services that fill those needs. We also believe that there are times when our customers may benefit from new or disruptive technologies and will partner with providers of these technologies if we see an opportunity to add value to our customers.

Emphasizing synergy between our customers and partner companies enables us to offer advantages of a cohesive and cooperative Powered Community.

[Partner Identification]

Understanding the needs of our customers we seek out and select future industry leaders who we trust and believe in. Factors we consider include: existing relationships with management, ability to effectively execute, platform to allow for growth, alignment with our mission. We believe that utilizing this methodical approach we are able to screen, vet and choose partnering companies who are world class in their respective fields.

We partner with companies that we believe we can add tremendous value to and with who we can work together with to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.