Narrabri Gas Project highlights Australia’s gas-fired future

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In late September 2020 the New South Wales’ Independent Planning Commission (IPC) granted ‘phased approval’ for Santos’ $3.6 billion Narrabri Gas Project in the state’s north-west, with 134 conditions. The phased approval of the new gas project highlights Australia’s growing reputation as a leader in gas projects and showcases the opportunities available for international companies to get involved in Australia’s strong gas future. 

The Narrabri Gas Project is a coal seam gas field development that will span over 20 years with operations to sit on around 1000ha of the total 95,000ha project area. It will involve up to 850 gas wells and supporting infrastructure, which includes gas processing and water treatment facilities as part of the project.

Gas created from the development will be made available to the NSW market through a pipeline that will link to the existing Moomba to Sydney pipeline. Santos says it expects that the project will create 1,300 construction jobs and 200 operational jobs, while also helping to support the east coast’s domestic gas market – a crucial role as Australia continues to expand its renewable energy capabilities.

Australia’s gas-powered economic recovery

With Australia’s economy taking a hit as a result of the pandemic, the Federal Government has been keen to shore up its economic future with extensive investments into infrastructure and construction. A cornerstone of the government’s recovery plan is significant investment gas exploration and development.

The recently released Federal Budget 2020/21 for Australia has officially highlighted a gas-led recovery for the country, with the announcement of an inaugural National Gas Infrastructure Plan (NGIP) to identify priority infrastructure projects.

On top of the $42 million of investments to unlock supply, the budget outlined $10.9 million in funding to help strengthen gas infrastructure planning and deliver market reform to lower the price of gas for households and manufacturers. The budget also highlighted that gas will play a critical role in the $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing plan.

In September, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that gas was a critical element of Australia’s economy and that the investments in the industry aimed to “reset the east coast gas market and create a more competitive and transparent Australian Gas Hub by unlocking gas supply, delivering an efficient pipeline and transportation market, and empowering gas customers”.

Gas opportunities for international companies

The Federal Government’s Budget announcements, coupled with major projects like the Narrabri Gas Project, show that Australia is a promising country for overseas companies to explore and secure big contracts.

The Narrabri Gas project provides the perfect opportunity for US-based companies to get involved in Australia’s flourishing gas industry. As a major project, the Narrabri Gas Project will have considerable opportunities for suppliers of products, equipment and services that can help deliver the project at an affordable cost.

With the ‘phased approval’ granted by the IPC, this $3.6 billion project will soon be looking to contractors who can meet its needs, and this poses the ideal opportunity for companies to invest and showcase their capabilities.

A winning partnership

There’s no question that Australia’s gas industry has a strong future, with many major projects in various stages of development and supported by government funding. This is why now is the ideal time to explore investing in Australian gas market, and why it is integral to find an industry partner with experience and expertise.

Powered Australia has a proven track record and a wealth of experience helping companies break into the growing Australian gas market reach and reach new levels of sales performance in the Australian oil and gas, resources, and mining sectors. Powered Australia is on hand for a confidential discussion about the opportunities Australia’s gas industry has on offer.

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