Summit Earth – Innovation in Decommissioning of Flowlines and Wellheads

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Summit is the innovative leader of the decommissioning services sector and a pioneer in developing practical decommissioning tools for the gas industry. Summits’ innovation and expertise allows them to efficiently decommission pipelines, wells and gas facilities for a fraction of the previous time and costs.

Summit have a proprietary cutting technology where an Abrasive Water Jet (AWJ) is inserted into the well, this then cuts the casing from the inside, then the top section is pulled out of the well. This eliminates the need to dig a wide 3 meter deep hole around the casing, and send a welder with a blow torch into the hole to cut the casing. Each well is decommissioned in typically half a day rather than 3 days. As well as being significantly safer, it also reduces the amount of rehab at surface dramatically.

Summit also have a proprietary Internal Cutting Technology (ICT) that is designed for cutting steel or plastic pipeline risers ranging from 2inch to 8inches in diameter. Applications include, pipeline optimization, discontinuation and abandonment. Summits’ patented ICT tools are extremely mobile and greatly reduce time, on-site equipment requirements, and require no ground disturbance. Hence there is no impact risk to surrounding buried equipment, and very little rehabilitation associated with the decommissioning. Summit can rig up and decommission a flowline in 20 minutes. Site impacts are minimal allowing developments to move quickly to the next phase while driving efficiencies and cost savings.

Summit – Animation of Internal Cutting Tool for Pipeline Risers

Summit – Working Video of Internal Cutting Tool for Pipeline Risers

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