Ensuring workforce compliance in asset-intensive industries

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An organisation that doesn’t value safety and compliance will have high employee turnover and decreased productivity. In addition, the reputational costs of unsafe work practices go far beyond regulatory fines and can negatively impact a company’s standing within its industry and the wider community. Proper training and assessment is one way of fostering proactive health and safety management techniques within the oil and gas industry.

training assessment being carried out with laptop

Having a workforce that is capable of completing their work safely and efficiently is important to any large organisation.

Safety is even more critical in the resources sector, where a considerable amount of the work is in hazardous or complex environments. 

Different projects will also require different competencies and some workers may need additional training to refresh their skills.

By having access to the right training and assessment software, organisations can increase workforce agility and productivity, improve compliance and effectively reduce costs.

The mining and resources industry has been using TUTIS, a leading workforce compliance solution, for some time to ensure its workers are inducted, assessed and deemed competent and ready to work before going on site.

Brett McFadgen – Manager, Mineral Processing KCGM (Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines) said, “Knowledge assessments are conducted online and skills assessments are now conducted in the field using mobile technology.

“The minimal paper usage is saving us several thousand dollars per annum, and tens of thousands of dollars have been saved per annum in wages simply by conducting the skill assessments online.

“Our relationship with Tutis has become the cornerstone of our staff training and retention strategy.”

Maximising safety while minimising costs

The oil and gas industry is operating in an environment of major price uncertainty and significant cost pressure. As a result, all elements of upstream and downstream operations – extraction, processing, refining and distribution – are looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The utility industry is also facing a number of challenges, including an energy market in transition, the integration of renewable energy sources, digital disruption, ageing physical infrastructure, increasingly stringent regulations and a high proportion of staff approaching retirement.

Fergal Convery, Business Development Manager at Powered, which helps establish local and foreign companies in the Australian energy market, said that with its extensive experience in the mining sector, Tutis is well positioned to help the oil and gas and utility industries manage compliance risks, reduce complexity, optimise running costs and automate business processes.

“The Australian oil and gas and utility industries have always had a long-standing focus on safety and operational excellence, and digital technologies are enabling further productivity gains,” Mr Convery said.

“Tutis provides effective training and assessment management systems to ensure succession planning and upskilling so that staff and contractors have the skills to safely and efficiently perform their roles.

“It also has the transparency to demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders the extent of training provided and its compliance with regulations, industry standards, corporate policies and community standards.”

Chris Wright, CEO at Tutis, said, “TUTIS_Enterprise solution is a workforce compliance solution for large enterprises, such as mining and energy companies. It is a cloud-based software solution with features and workflow across multiple business functions in order to deliver compliance assured.

“Features include: on-boarding of staff and contractors; skillset management; assessments mapped to national standards; learning management; full training record management; and paperless authorisation and gate access permissions.

“We also offer our TUTIS on-boarding as a managed service. Under this managed service model, Tutis operates the TUTIS solution for you, meaning we carry out all the evidence review, data entry, on-boarding assessments, enquiry, reporting and administration functions to ensure staff and contractors arrive on site compliant and available to work.”

For more information, please contact info@poweredaus.com.au.

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