The importance of making industry connections

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Attending industry conferences and events is vital for meeting like-minded people with the same passions and interests, developing your career prospects, forging new partnerships and elevating the presence of your company.

The importance of making industry connections

From a business perspective, speaking to people face to face who may need your products or services can be much more effective than sending them an email or speaking over the phone. These events are also useful for keeping up with the latest industry news and trends, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and don’t fall behind your competitors.

Wade Elofson, founder of Powered, an energy and resource focused business development company, said that conferences are a great way to meet like-minded people who share similar passions and interests.

“Conferences provide an environment that allows you to easily chat to new people, usually with structured sessions and social events that offer numerous opportunities to speak to other delegates.

“The people you make connections with could also prove resourceful in the future. You could meet a new supplier, a potential employee, or a new friend who can offer you advice. Great opportunities can come from sparking up a conversation with someone you don’t know. ”

One such conference is the APGA Annual Convention and Exhibition, which ran from 8-11 September 2018 in Darwin. Powered was in attendance, along with AJ Stack Solutions, where they took out the award for Booth of the Year.

Powered, along with several of its clients, will also be exhibiting in Brisbane in May for the 2019 APPEA Oil and Gas Conference.

Fergal Convery, Business Development Manager at Powered commented, “We considered APGA such a huge success for us and our clients that we have decided to get another booth at APPEA. It’s amazing how many opportunities we were able to generate for our clients during APGA. Hopefully APPEA will prove as fruitful.”

Using energy networks to their best advantage

In its five year history, Powered has used its networks to help several companies expand into the Australian market.

Just a few examples of the companies which Powered has been instrumental in generating revenue for are listed below.

Gentherm is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermoelectric gensets. Gentherm has 45,000 units in operation around the world and its products are ideal for power generation in remote locations that may be exposed to harsh conditions. Until Gentherm partnered with Powered, there were exactly zero thermoelectric gensets in operation in Australia. Powered has now generated sales for Gentherm with Santos, APA and AGIG.

Another Powered success story is DFI, the North American leader in the design, supply and installation of steel piling products. Its products and techniques have been helping North American oil and gas companies build compressor stations for half the price of their Australian counterparts since the 1970s.

Led by Powered, DFI’s Australian expansion has been a resounding success with several million in awarded projects and several more in the pipeline. DFI has become a valued business partner of Santos and has also secured multiple steel piling contracts with major Australian energy infrastructure businesses, including APA Group, Jemena, Westside, Wasco, Senex, RCR, DBP, and Origin Energy.

A third example of a Powered success story can be found with BeneTerra, a Queensland-based organisation specialising in the treatment of industrial wastewater.

BeneTerra returns disused dam sites to a non-erosive state, matching the original soil profile and reestablishing pre-existing drainage patterns. It uses a science-based approach that often allows it to offer its services at a fraction of the cost of its competitors, while reducing truck movements significantly.

After landing its first job with a coal seam gas giant several years ago, BeneTerra is now recognised as the go-to company for land rehabilitation.

Keeping things fresh

While Powered likes nothing better than helping innovative companies reach new levels of sales performance in the Australian oil and gas, resources, and mining sectors, sometimes it must turn its attention towards its own company profile.

Powered recently unveiled a brand new website, featuring a bold design that reflects its constant quest for innovative or disruptive technologies and processes which can help drive down the costs of production.

Mr Elofson said the new website will help even more companies benefit from its services.

“We have successfully brought in and established several new foreign companies into the Australian energy market and helped our local clients to achieve their commercial goals. I look forward to helping more of our industry partners grow and develop.”

For more information, please contact or call Wade Elofson on +61 474 128 517.

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