We’re piling DFI’s plate high with PO’s.

DFI is the North American leader in the design, supply and installation of steel piling products. Since helping DFI set up shop in Australia in 2015, we have used our network to secure several multi-million dollar projects for the company.

DFI reaches new levels of sales performance in the Australian resources market


More for less. It’s the rally cry for Australian oil and gas companies since a sustained weaker crude price tightened margins and compelled a rethink of operations. Case in point. A cost analysis conducted in 2014 found a compressor station capable of producing up to 120 terajoules (TJ) per day cost around 2.5 times more to build in Australia than Canada.

“What the?” were two of three words we chorused incredulously as we turned on our collective heels and made it our mission to find out why. As a curious minded mob with a track record for solving problems, it’s what we do. Our search for answers in early 2015 found the most obvious difference was that the Canadians used steel piles for the foundations and not truckloads of concrete.

To cut a short story shorter, Powered was soon petitioning DFI, North America’s leader in the design, supply, and installation of steel foundation systems to bring its patented and proven technology Down Under. DFI was AOK with the idea of an Australian expansion and plugged into our vast network of industry contacts and local know-how to make it happen.


Powered knew it had a revolutionary product on its hands, now to find the market. Working collaboratively with DFI’s business development team in Canada, we acted as their sales and marketing sentinel in Australia. We started our campaign by securing meetings with every coal seam gas major in Brisbane as well as related engineering and infrastructure firms armed with nothing more than the undisputed truth; significant time and cost savings could be found with steel piles.

Santos was the first company to recognise the merits of steel piles, requesting an estimate for its proposed 120 TJ/day Scotia Compression Station, near Roma, in December 2016. DFI’s price and process made many decision makers sit up and take notice and awarded the company their first major job. The entire job was done in 22 days with a crew of three people. DFI’s DNA is quality, productivity, safety and value.


Led by Powered, DFI’s Australian expansion has been a resounding success with several millions in awarded projects and several more in the pipeline. While DFI has become a valued business partner of Santos has also secured multiple steel piling contracts with major Australian energy infrastructure businesses, APA Group, Jemena, Westside, Wasco, Senex, RCR, DBP, and Origin Energy.

Powered is not resting on its laurels. Our belief in DFI’s potential to not only transform Australia’s oil and gas landscape but its construction industry as well has not waned since day one. We continue to explore every sales opportunity while spruiking steel piling’s long list of advantages through the media and at networking events. We won’t stop until the step-change we’ve started becomes accepted practice. We have the will. We have the way.

  • Powered connected DFI with clients that were best suited for our product such as APA, Santos, Wasco, Jemena and Senex, it was these connections that launched our technology into the Australian market.

    Matt Meyer Regional Manager – Australasia, DFI