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Powered Partnerships

It’s about providing the best possible buying experience.

Powered methodically vets all perspective community members and we partner only with the best. We trust and believe in our partners and together our cohesive relationship takes the customer experience to a whole new level.

Powered Energy & Resources Community advantage

Powered Advantage

Internal Account manager vs Powered


  • Responsible for profitable revenue generation
  • Report market data to management
  • Track and report on account activity and progress
  • Set product and/or service strategy with management
  • Identify and report on competitor products/services and strategy
  • Research and identify key contacts
  • Network and build relationships with key contacts
  • Do not promote direct competitor offerings


  • Full time employee vs Powered contract with seasoned professionals
  • Full cycle cost savings with Powered
  • Higher ROSI (”return on sales investment”) with Powered
  • Powered Community and customer engagement strategy
  • Non-transactional approach to selling